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R.D.Burman – Pancham Da

Posted on: April 21, 2009


 Started with first hit as Tessri Manzil(1966) and never look back. He will always be known for his experiments with music.

2 Responses to "R.D.Burman – Pancham Da"

couple of mistakes here.

Aradhana had music by S D Burman and not R D Burman for the major part. The only song that RD has been acknowledged to have composed is Kora Kagaz thha ye man mera….

Also R D Burman’s first movie was not Teesri Manzil. It was Chhote Nawaab. After that I think he had Bhoot Bangla in which he had a cameo as well. Then it was Teesri Manzil which has IMHO some of the best music by a relatively new music director. Especially the leit motif of the suspenseful music in the background – that is the one that creates an incredible atmosphere for the movie as a whole.

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