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Posted on: October 3, 2009

Radio Signal from Radio Ceylon (SLBC) become weak during the above period. I can hardly find the signal at Delhi, India; during the morning transmission. This is why I have stopped posting the page daily. Normally the radio signal is not available between 6.45AM and 8.10AM. After that there is some improvement but it vanishes around 8.25AM again.

I am posting the details of above period with the saddened heart.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2009

Broadcast not available.


SEPTEMBER 26, 2009

Announcer: Ms. Jyoti Parmar

Radio Ceylon (SLBC) remembered Hemant Kumar today. I could listen to the following songs between 8.00AM and 8.30AM.

Chup Hai Dharti – House No. 44

Ye Baharon Ka Samaan – Geeta Dutt – Milap 1955

Rulaa Kar Chal Diye Ik Din – Badshah 1954

Unki Har Baat Yaad Aati Hai? Weak radio signal.


SEPTEMBER 27, 2009

Radio Ceylon (SLBC) remembered Mahendra Kapoor today. I could listen to the following songs between 8.00AM and 8.30AM.

Jagat Ke Palan Hare Ki Prarthna Kar – Mahendra Kapoor

O Shankar Mere Kab Honge Darshan Tere – Mahendra Kapoor – Bairag 1976

Lakhon Hain Yahan Dilwale – Mahendra Kapoor – Kismat

Sansar Ki Har Sheh Ka – Dhund 1973

Chalo Ik Baar Phir Se – Mahendra Kapoor – Gumrah 1963

Hey Neele Gagan Ke Tale – Mahendra Kapoor – Humraaz


SEPTEMBER 28, 2009

Broadcast imperceptible today. I could have glimpse of a song playing around 7.10AM only.


SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

Announcer: Ms. Jyoti Parmar

Radio Signal was slightly better today. I could listen to the following part today.

Time: 6.35AM to 6.45AM

Program: Bhakti Sangeet

Tera Naam Tera Naam Pyaara – Hari Om Sharan [N/A]

Time: 6.45AM to 7.00AM

Program: Film Sangeet

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke – Lata – Bees Saal Baad

Jiya Le Gayo Ri Mora – Lata – Anpadh

Dil Todne Wale – Rafi & Lata – Son of India

Tera Mera Pyar Amar – Lata – Asli Naqli 1962

Time: 7.00AM to 7.30AM

Program: Ek Hi Film Se – RAJA AUR RANK (1968) (Click to open page).

Sorry after that …

SEPTEMBER 30, 2009

Announcer: Ms. Jyoti Parmar

Radio Signal was available during the program Pakistani Film Sangeet around 6.50AM. After that I could hear only the name of film for the program EK HI FILM SE. The Radio Station broadcasted the songs from film RAM RAJYA. Suddenly there was a dip in the strength and I could not hear anything after that.


OCTOBER 01, 2009

Announcer: Ms. Padmini Pareira

I was able to listen to the following song at 6.40AM.

O Sanam Tere Ho Gaye Hum – Rafi & Lata – Aayi Milan Ki Bela

After that two religious programs were broadcasted during which the Radio Signal became weak. Around 8.00AM I could hear the songs but could not understand as the songs played were old and unfamiliar. Probably the program happened to be APNI PASAND.


OCTOBER 02, 2009

Announcer: Ms. Jyoti Parmar

The same recent story repeated today also. But I could listen to the broadcast between 8.00AM and 8.25AM. The Last song could not be heard due to weak radio signal.

Time: 7.10AM

Agar Mujhse Mohabbat Hai – Lata – Aap Ki Parchhayian – Madan Mohan

Time: 8.00AM to 8.30AM

Program: Aapki Pasand

Aaj Hai Do October Ka Din – Lata – Pariwar

Sun Le Bapu Ye Paigaam – Suman Kalyanpur – Balak 1969 [N/A]

Kyon Tumse Mohabbat Ki – Mubarak Begum – Pathan [N/A]

Rumjhum Rumjhum Chali Jaaoon Main – Geeta Dutt – Har Har Mahadev 1950 [N/A]

Talat & Lata – Weak radio signal.


OCTOBER 03, 2009

Broadcast could not be perceived today again.

2 Responses to "RADIO SLBC (CEYLON) SEPTEMBER 25 – OCTOBER 03, 2009"

I am very much interested and have been listening to slbc hindi music since my childhood. Is it still available? I loved the announcers very much.

Dear Mam,

30th january ko meri doosri beti “Akshera” ka 2nd B’day hai uske liye us din gaana suna de to kaafi achha lagega.

Meri maa regular 5:50 AM To 8:00 AM Radio Ceylon sunti hai unke saath saath humlog bhi purane gaane ke srota ho gaye hai.

Meri maa request letter kaafi bhejti hai lekin koi milta koi nahi milta hai agar yeh request pahuch gaya to mail ke through request pharmaishee gaana suna karege. meri maa Usha Prasad letter ke through Mrs Prerira se kaafi patrachaar hua hai.

Ajit Verma
403/B Abhinandan Nityanand nagar
opp:Surya Shopping Center
Mira Road(E) Thane:401107
Cell no:09322240014/09820679030

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