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Dear Friends

I am delighted. The Radio Ceylon is back with extended morning transmission and evening transmission. The timings are 6.45AM to 9.00AM and 7.00PM to 9.00PM. Today Madam Padmini Pareira in the morning and Madam Jyoti Parmar compeered the programs. Really it is very happy moments for Radio Ceylon listeners. Believe me I am presently listening to the program “Bhule Bisre Geet”.

eraks: 14-05-2012: 7.35PM

Madam Padmini Pareira (Morning 28-05-2012)

Madam Jyoti Parmar (Evening 28-05-2012)

Ms. Subhashini Desilva (Morning 03-06-2012)

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I have grown up listening to this song on First of every month. Still I tune to Radio Ceylon on 25m(11905KHz) & 41m(7190KHz), on the first of every month, at 7.30AM for this song. Even after 55years the song looks younger every month. Hats off to Qamar Jalalabadi & Sudhir Phadke.

Film: Pehli Tariq (1954)

Lyricist: Qamar Jalalabadi

Music Director: Sudhir Phadke

Din Hai Suhana Aaj Pehli Tariq Hai –  Kishore

Believe me friends I listened to this song on 01/09/2011 again at 7.30 AM on Radio Ceylon (SLBC). The program was presented by Ms. Padmini Pareira with special mention about this song.

Hats off to RADIO CEYLON, Ms. Padmini Pareira and Ms. Jyoti Parmar.

The program presented by PADMINI PAREIRA Ji.

The beautiful song I selected for my blog from today’s transmission is:


Jo Mujhe BhulaKe Chale Gaye – Lata – Sangeeta 1950 – S.D.Burman


Ae Dwaar Maiya Da Vasdaa Rahe … Har Phull Baag Daa Hasdaa Rahe – Narendra Chanchal – Original Audio: T-Series – Beautiful bhent sung by Narendra Chanchal.

Hum Hain Tere Darvesh … Hum Tere Dware Aa Gaye … Kaato Maat Kalesh … Hum Tere Dware Aa Gaye – Narendra Chanchal – Original Audio: T-Series

Maiya Ji Asin Naukar Tere … Sewa TeriCh Khada Rahan Main Shaam Sawere – Beautiful Bhent sung by Narendra Chanchal – Original Audio: T-Series

Akhiyaan Udeek Diyan … Dil Vaajan Marda – Listen to Soft & Silky Voice of Narendra Chanchal – Original Audio: T-Series

Ras Barse Tere Bhawan Mein Maa Ras Barse – Narendra Chanchal – T-Series

Tare Chamakde Paye … Chann Pukarma Laye – Narendra Chanchal – Album by T-SERIES, Evergreen Punjabi Bhent by Narendra Chanchal

NOVEMBER 04, 2009       

Weak Radio Signal during entire transmission.

Announcer: Ms. Jyoti Parmar

Time: 6.30AM to 6.45AM

Program: Bhakti Sangeet

Aavo Kanha Hamari Gali – Geeta Dutt & Lata – Monika


NOVEMBER 05, 2009       

Radio Signal became weak after 7.00AM.

Announcer: Ms. Padmini Pareira

Time: 6.30AM to 6.45AM

Tere Mere Sapne – Rafi – Guide

Time: 6.45AM to 7.15AM

Two Religious programs broadcasted today.

Time: 7.30AM to 8.00AM

Program: Purani Filmon Ka Sangeet

Gin Gin Tare Main Haar Gayi Raat Ko  – Lata – Jadoo

Tum Na Aaye Ghataa Gum Ki Chhane Lagi – Asha – Baap Re Baap


Kaisa Hota Jo Tu Is Dil Mein Aaya Na Hota – Lata


NOVEMBER 06, 2009       

Weak Radio Signal during entire transmission.

Announcer: Ms. Jyoti Parmar

Time: 6.30AM to 7.00AM

Khayi Hai Re Humne Kasam – Lata – Talash

Khilona Jaan Kar Tum To – Rafi – Khilona

Chale Ja Chale Ja Chale Ja … Jahan Pyar Miley – Suman Kalyanpur


NOVEMBER 07, 2009       

Radio Signal could not be received today during entire morning transmission.

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