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Nirupa Roy, Raja Naine, Yashodhra Katju, Sudha, Ramesh Kapoor, Ambar, Vasantrao, Agha, Dixit, Ram SIngare, Bapu Watve
Producer(s): Raja Naine- Kamal Chitra
Director: Raja Naine
Music Director: Sudhir Phadke
Lyrics: Qamar Jalabadi

I have grown up listening to this song on First of every month. Still I tune to Radio Ceylon on 25m(11905KHz) & 41m(7190KHz), on the first of every month, at 7.30AM for this song. Even after 55years the song looks younger every month. Hats off to Qamar & Sudhir Phadke.

Din Hai Suhana Aaj Pehli Tariq Hai –  Kishore


Dear Friends

I am delighted. The Radio Ceylon is back with extended morning transmission and evening transmission. The timings are 6.45AM to 9.00AM and 7.00PM to 9.00PM. Today Madam Padmini Pareira in the morning and Madam Jyoti Parmar compeered the programs. Really it is very happy moments for Radio Ceylon listeners. Believe me I am presently listening to the program “Bhule Bisre Geet”. Tune in at 25m and 41m band.

eraks: 14-05-2012: 7.35PM

Dear Viewers

I have organized this blog in the name of Music Directors which is further subdivided to the Name of Films in which the respective Music Director provided the music. Of course there are three categories at the top which are not MDs but admired by me the most.

To read more about this blog please click “Jara Hat Ke Songs – About“.

I have added LIST OF MOVIES/ALBUMS (Click to open). Now you can view/listen songs by selecting the movie directly from this page (May 12, 2009).

I have been adding a post daily, of what is happening during morning transmission, on Radio SLBC (Ceylon). A new link page RADIO SLBC (CEYLON) added for your convenience (May 13, 2009). You can directly link to a particular day from here. However, sometimes, due to bad signal I may not be able to gather complete information. Moreover all the songs are not available on the internet also (so please bear with me). As you all know, Radio SLBC (Ceylon) has a vast collection of hindi songs.

Due to official commitments I am unable to write the complete details of the program presented during morning transmission on RADIO CEYLON, therefore I have decided to select one song from daily transmission and uploading it as soon as possible. Pleae bear with me. (July 17, 2010)


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