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Namaskar Dosto!!!. I am Ashwani Kumar, an Indian residing in Delhi. I had been listening to Radio Ceylon (which I do at present also) since 1964-65 when I was just 5-6years old. I used to tune the station, on my own, on our National Ekco, Three Band Valve set which I still posses and use for tuning Radio Ceylon. There was a marked difference between songs played on this station and Vividh Bharti (Akashvani). This station used to broadcast songs of all tastes while Vividh Bharti normallly stuck to the request of Audience. Slowly with the passage of time first Television captured the majority of audience and after that the VCP, VCR, Cable TV era made the popularity of Radio very thin. However with the introduction of FM, radio is revived but those songs could not get their due. Songs from modern Indian Film Industry are normally played on numerous FM station without caring the quality of song. Stations like FM Gold from AIR are trying to broadcast the quality old songs but again sticking to repeating songs. The variety available on Radio Ceylon is not found anywhere. 

I saw a lot of blogs (one or two found to be good also) but the peculiar or typical style of Radio Ceylon was not found. After thinking a lot on this part I decided to start this blog.

My endeavour for Jara Hat Ke songs is on above lines. I will try to put those songs which are going off the memory of people. I will request all the like minded people to support me through comments/feedback/requests for songs etc.

This is the beginning and I will constraint myself to pages in the names of Music Directors only. Page in the name of Rafi Saheb is exception because I really admire him from every core of my heart.

You can send email at following address:

Update #1

Previously the pages were in the names of Music Directors. Now I have seperated the songs under name of their films below the names of respective Music Director.

If you get “Embedding Disabled on Request” message while playing any video, just click the black screen containing this message. The video shall start playing in another page. Enjoy…


5 Responses to "Jara Hat Ke Songs – About"

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please send your comments/requests.

Hello Aswani Kumar ji,
I am a fan of old hindi film music and I too was a regular listener of Radio Ceylon,from the 50’s decade,actually from the time it started.
I visited your blog and I am really happy that you are taking pains to give the listeners quality and off-beat songs from the glorious past.
-Arunkumar Deshmukh

Thanks and Happy Listening.

My name is Anand Gupte and love old songs like the songs from Naya Ghar.
I like songs that were on radio ceylon (55-65 era).
Best wishes to you…


I accidently landed in your site while searching song details for Aavo kanha. As you have rightly mentioned it is a rare one and difficult to get details. This song was played on 30th Nov on SLBC. I got attached to SLBC in mid 50s. I appreciate your efforts. Carry on Jeeves!!!!

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