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Shyamji Ghanshyamji

Posted on: April 26, 2009


Ghanshyam, Shyam and then Shyamji Ghanshyamji. A single music director changed his names to establish himself in Bollywood. But it is Shyamji Ghanshyamji (name) which fetch him a break in bollywood. It could have been probably due to the fact that there were already two artists with names Ghanshyam and Shyam. This information was provided by the music director himself when he was presenting Jaimala on Vividh Bharti long time back.

Ghanshyam was his real name (if my memory is correct).

He composed music in the following films:
Dhuen Ki Lakeer (1974)
Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi (1974)
Thokar (1974)
Daku (1975)
Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpaitty (1975)
Deen Aur Imaan (1979)
Niaz Aur Namaz (1977)
Harfan Maula (1976)
Bhed Bhav (1988)

His composition “Main Dhondhta Hoon Jinko Raton Ko Khayalon Mein (“Thokar”) – Mukesh” would always be remembered.

And those who say SJGJ has only one hit composition with Mukesh I want to remind them about this song by Rafi Saheb.

Apni Ankhon Mein Basakar Koi Ikraar Karoon – Thokar – Rafi (Now Who played DHOLAK here, so beautifully!)

Another one which I admire the most “Kabhi Gam Se Dil Lagaya – Narendra Chanchal – Film Daku”  is here.

In fact Rafi Saheb was fav. of SJGJ.  Tere Nakhre Mein Garam Masala(Gaal Gulabi Nain Sharabi – Rafi & Krishna Kalle)


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I was searching for a song and I found your site.It is a good site/blog and would like to visit frequently and share my info with you.

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